Develop systems and processes to support the whole school workforce

Systems for recording

  1. Use the policy developed in the previous section to consider what needs to be recorded
  2. List these recording tasks against the sections of your policy, eg needs identification, organising CPD provision and impact evaluation
  3. Consider the benefits of this recording. Who needs it? How does it help?

Systems for communicating

  1. Consider the information you need to be an effective CPD Leader. List the sources of information (both internal and external) you feel are important to lead CPD effectively and when it is best for the CPD Leader to receive this. Compare your ideas against the suggested list Resource 3.2.a.
  2. Draw a schematic diagram of how this flow of information works, or would work best, for your school.
  3. Consider the case study Resource 3e of how this happens in another setting.
  4. Reflect on your schematic diagram and identify your school's areas for development and consider the following questions:
  • How will you tackle this?
  • What are the channels of communication in your school to give and receive CPD information?
  • What are the gaps? Are any members of the workforce excluded? Are there blockages in the system? Are there some sources of information you find hard to obtain?

Teachers TV

Teachers TV - Giving it back to the children

Giving it back to the children
John Bayley visits Anna Clarke, head of modern languages at Grey Court School in Surrey, who is observing fast-track teacher Chris Rhodes.

Watch the video.