Effective dissemination methods

Dissemination methods

  1. Consider how learning that is acquired through CPD activities is disseminated within your school
  2. Use Resource 3.5.a to consider the range of options available and their effectiveness
  3. Use Demos research briefing sheet 3.5.b to review your responses above

Effective dissemination

  1. Reflect upon situations in your school where the dissemination of CPD learning has been successful and unsuccessful in achieving a wider impact in school
  2. Consider the information provided in Resource 3.5.c to identify what seems to lead to (un)successful dissemination
  3. Identify the essential characteristics of effective dissemination methods and consider the following questions:
    • How do you disseminate the right level of CPD learning to the relevant colleagues, avoiding overload?
    • How is this responsibility shared?
    • How do you know when CPD learning has become embedded in the longer term?

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