Align effectively with self-evaluation, performance management, relevant standards

The integration of CPD

  1. Refresh your knowledge about self evaluation, performance management and standards and list the implications for the CPD in your school
  2. Consider how your CPD leadership provides an opportunity to bring together the various strands of CPD information provided by SEF, PM (and other processes) in your school. Work through the following questions:
    • How do you map the identification of CPD needs within these processes?
    • How do you map the meeting of these CPD needs?
    • How do you map the evaluation of the impact of the CPD undertaken?
  3. Use Resource 3.3.a to consider the impact, and your response, to unforeseen factors that could affect CPD alignment in the school.
  4. Consider whether Resources 3.3.b and 3.3.c can support the way your school links performance management and CPD

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