Systems & processes


The school workforce will develop more effectively when it is underpinned by systems and processes that are an integral part of school improvement and enable the whole workforce to engage in effective development.

How Successful Are We?

Self evaluation guidance can be found here. It provides brief grade descriptions defining the key characteristics of school workforce development under the headings: outstanding, good, satisfactory and inadequate.

Questions For School Leaders

  1. Is there a policy or clearly-defined strategy for workforce development which includes needs identification, approaches and impact measurement and which is integrated into other school improvement tools such as the school strategic/improvement plan, performance management and self-evaluation systems?
  2. Is there a way of monitoring staff awareness and support for the plan/strategy?
  3. What methods are used to evaluate the effectiveness and ease of use of the systems from the different perspectives of individuals, teams or whole school?
  4. Are there effective ways to promote the dissemination of new knowledge and skills as widely as possible within the school?
  5. Are there clear systems to ensure that workforce development, learning and experience contribute to children’s progress and development in the immediate and longer term?

Teachers TV

Teachers TV - Giving it back to the children

Giving it back to the children
John Bayley visits Anna Clarke, head of modern languages at Grey Court School in Surrey, who is observing fast-track teacher Chris Rhodes.

Watch the video.