Put the role into practice – making it happen

CPD Leaders calendar of activity

  1. Using Resource 2.5.a, draw up your own schedule of CPD activities
  2. Consider the specimen calendars provided (Resources 2.5.b) and identify busy periods, potential challenges and how to approach these.

The management of expectations of the whole school workforce

  1. Use Resource 2.5.c to develop a clear understanding of responsibilities and expectations
  2. Devise strategies to address attached scenarios (Resource 2.5.d) where there are competing expectations

Making the most of identified resources for CPD, including people

  1. Consider effective approaches to funding CPD (Resource 2.5.e)
  2. Identify the total resource for CPD within your school (Resource 2.5.f) and who controls this.
  3. Use Resource 2.5.g to identify key stakeholders in the success of your schools CPD development. Identify the key issues that this mapping presents.
  4. List the support you receive to help you develop your CPD leadership. How is your role reflected within your own performance development?

Teachers TV

Teachers TV - Collaborative Professional Development

Collaborative Professional Development
At the Federation of Jubilee and Gainsborough Primary Schools in Hackney, CPD leader Rachel Spruce delivers a development model that links individual needs to whole school priorities.

Watch the video.