Consider different models for structures and exemplar job descriptions to match your circumstances

The strategic leadership of CPD

  1. Identify which members of the school workforce have a responsibility for CPD in their role description.
  2. Consider the strategic role of CPD Leader in your school and the ways in which this is fulfilled.
  3. Consider the importance (or not) of having roles and responsibilities for CPD well-documented within your setting and what form this might take.

Structures – individual and distributed roles

  1. List and discuss the key skills of CPD Leadership required for key aspects of the work
  2. List and discuss the key activities of CPD Leadership
  3. Consider how the CPD Leader fits into your staffing structure and how effective this arrangement is in your school

Job descriptions

  1. Consider the relevance and usefulness of the attached job details (Resources 2.1).

Teachers TV

Teachers TV - Collaborative Professional Development

Collaborative Professional Development
At the Federation of Jubilee and Gainsborough Primary Schools in Hackney, CPD leader Rachel Spruce delivers a development model that links individual needs to whole school priorities.

Watch the video.