Keep abreast of developments in a rapidly-changing scene – within and beyond the school

Current issues in CPD Leadership - beyond school

  1. List your key sources of information that help with CPD Leadership. Use Resource 2.4.a to consider how much you use, and how useful you find, some of the sources of information available.
  2. Consider how this information is shared effectively with others who need to know
  3. Consider who else in your school should be involved in maintaining awareness and how this might work effectively, plus how individual staff members keep abreast of relevant developments

Communication of key CPD issues within school

  1. List the sources of CPD information you need from within your school (from individuals and teams) that you need to lead CPD effectively and consider how this information might be used most effectively

Career paths and opportunities for all members of the school workforce

  1. List the sources of information about career paths for different groups of staff (Resource 2.4.b)
  2. Work with different groups of staff within your school to identify what opportunities exist (and are used) for their CPD (Resource 2.4.a) at different stages of their career progression framework
  3. Consider the role of the CPD Leader in supporting individuals and groups of staff

Teachers TV

Teachers TV - Leading school based CPD

Leading school-based CPD
Expert CPD coaches Cynthia Francis and Marie Nassor help a variety of school staff work on their own CPD tasks as well as how they can improve their school as a whole.

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