Identify prerequisites for making the role influential and effective

The skills needed for effective CPD Leadership

  1. List and discuss the key activities of CPD Leadership
  2. Discuss the characteristics of your school if everything was in place for effective CPD
  3. Identify the skills needed for effective CPD Leadership
  4. Review your schools practice against this ideal

The profile of effective CPD leadership in your school

  1. Use the self-evaluation profile in the "How successful are we" section (also in Resource 2.2.a) to carry out a review of the leadership of CPD and workforce development in your school.
  2. Use the profile to evaluate your strengths and areas for development and share the findings of this evaluation with others as appropriate
  3. Identify the key messages that come out of this evaluation. List the top 3 priorities for CPD Leadership in your setting. Why have you selected these priorities?

helpful resources

Teachers TV

Teachers TV - Leading school based CPD

Leading school-based CPD
Expert CPD coaches Cynthia Francis and Marie Nassor help a variety of school staff work on their own CPD tasks as well as how they can improve their school as a whole.

Watch the video.