The school workforce will develop more effectively when It is strategically led, well informed, widely understood and includes the whole workforce. 

School example

A Primary School’s CPD Leader in Nottingham worked with a colleague to join up the teaching staff and TA agendas. Within the SMT there is now a raised profile and clarity around the importance of a strategic approach to CPD planning and they believe school improvement will be enhanced due to the implication of a whole school strategic plan. A CPD calendar has been drawn up and as a result of their work the performance management and related planning cycles and systems have been reviewed and a CPD plan put in place.

How Successful Are We?

Self evaluation guidance can be found here. It provides brief grade descriptions defining the key characteristics of school workforce development under the headings: outstanding, good, satisfactory and inadequate.

Questions For School Leaders

  1. Are there any role descriptions or structure diagrams showing workforce development roles and responsibilities?
  2. How well known are these and the specific roles and responsibilities, amongst the wider school workforce? How do you know?
  3. Do you feel that you have influence over the strategic direction of the school?
  4. How aware are individual members of the school workforce about their roles and responsibilities related to their own development and continuous learning?
  5. How constructive are the interactions with individuals and teams within the school, on workforce development issues?
  6. How current and extensive is the school leadership’s (including the workforce development leader) knowledge about the changing school/educational scene?
  7. Is the school leadership well informed about the changes and developments affecting the wider school workforce and how their needs and opportunities might be best addressed?

Teachers TV

Teachers TV - Leading school based CPD

Leading school-based CPD
Expert CPD coaches Cynthia Francis and Marie Nassor help a variety of school staff work on their own CPD tasks as well as how they can improve their school as a whole.

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