Developing principles for establishing CPD needs

Identification of principles

  1. Using the TDA's principles for effective CPD (Resource 4.4.a) and the 2020 vision statement about CPD (Resource 4.4.b) - consider the implications for you.
  2. Select several of the scenarios presented in Resource 4.4.c and follow through the challenges and benefits for the school.
  3. Consider how activities 1 and 2 might help you to agree principles for establishing CPD needs across your school
  4. Consider Resource 4.4.d to explore how the Standards Frameworks can be used to inform CPD needs within the school workforce.
  5. Use the self-evaluation profile in the 'How successful are we' section (also in Resource 4.4.e) to carry out a review of your school's CPD needs identification work.
  6. Use the profile to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and share the findings of this evaluation with others as appropriate
  7. Identify the key messages that stem from this evaluation. List the top 3 priorities for developing needs identification in your setting. Why have you selected these priorities?

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