Use clear criteria to identify needs and wants

Needs identification mapping

  1. Using the headings 'who', 'when' and 'how' record existing processes that are used for identifying development needs in your school
  2. Analyse your school mapping and discsuss possible gaps in your arrangements
  3. Consider how your school makes use of potential sources of development needs information such as SEF, professional and occupational standards, performance data, national priorities, PM information, Ofsted findings? (see resource 4.1.a)

Use of standards to support development

  1. Reflect on Resource 4.1.b to consider how professional standards can be used to inform needs identification in CPD
  2. Consider how these processes can be applied to other groups of staff in school using their occupational standards frameworks

Balancing school and individual needs

  1. Consider the case studies in Resource 4.1.c and identify how different needs identification methods are used
  2. Consider methods for addressing school and individual needs

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