Identifying need


The school workforce will develop more effectively when needs and wants are identified at personal, area and whole school level.

School example

A Leicestershire Primary found the self evaluation tool enabled the CPD Leader to work with other members of the Leadership team to establish priorities to further enhance practice in CPD development. They found using all the self assessment grids useful as a way to direct thinking to the areas of greatest need, making it easy to clarify strengths as well as areas for development, including some not previously considered.

How Successful Are We?

Self evaluation guidance can be found here. It provides brief grade descriptions defining the key characteristics of school workforce development under the headings: outstanding, good, satisfactory and inadequate.

Questions For School Leaders

  1. What criteria are used to identify national, school and personal development needs and how closely does this relate to the school’s strategic direction?
  2. How well do the performance management needs feed into the whole workforce development programme?
  3. How well does the school balance national, school and personal development needs?
  4. How do you identify what individuals want regarding their own development?
  5. Are you reassured that individual identification of their development needs and wants is well-informed?
  6. What monitoring takes place to ensure that the systems are applied consistently?
  7. Who makes decisions (and how) with regard to competing pressures on resources?

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