Consider what should be measured and why?

Reflection on current practice in the light of suggested models

  1. Consider and describe what things are currently evaluated within your school and how it is done. Use Resource 6.1.a if it helps. Consider these questions a) Is what you do a fair evaluation of the breadth of CPD in your school?  b) What impacts should a CPD Leader look for on the workforce, pupils and the wider school community?
  2. Review the impacts on your list and in checklist 6.1.b to consider the appropriateness of these methods, eg are there gaps? are there things you shouldn't be doing? How might you obtain evidence of these impacts in your school?
  3. Use Resource 6.1.c to consider how confident you are as CPD Leader of the impact CPD is having in your school upon individuals, teams/subjects and the whole school. Consider what level of confidence you need in these aspects as a CPD Leader and how you might use this knowledge.

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International Partnerships - School Leadership in the UK
Staff from two secondary and two primary schools explain how they've been influenced by visits to Brazil and Mexico.

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