Recognise the importance of workforce well-being on school improvement

CPD's contribution to the well-being of the school workforce

  1. Look at the definition of well-being in Resource 6.4.a. To what extent does CPD help or hinder the achievement of workforce well-being in your school?
  2. Review the CPD experience of key staff and groups within your school - including you! How do these experiences contribute to their well-being? Consider Resource 6.4.b and how the CPD Leader can help to promote the desired qualities.
  3. Use activity 6.4.c to consider some of the factors that help and hinder well-being.  Discuss the contibution a CPD Leader can make to increase the positive impacts of CPD on well-being and how they can influence the most important factors.

Teachers TV

Teachers TV - Evaluating impact

Evidence of impact
Three members of staff at the Oasis Academy, Grimsby, show how they have risen through the ranks by focusing on their CPD development.

Watch the video.