Decide how and when to measure the impact

Collecting evidence about impact in the shorter and longer term

  1. Use Resource 6.6.a to consider the possibilities for collecting short and longer term impacts of CPD in your school.
  2. Use Resource 6.6.a to reflect on the gaps, barriers and strengths of your schools impact evaluation methods

Evidence to feed into future planning

  1. Use the resources 6.6.b, 6.6.c and 6.6.d to consider how the role of the wider school community (eg pupils and parents) might inform the nature of CPD.
  2. Use Resources 6.6.e and 6.6.f to consider CPD processes within a school. How does impact evaluation of CPD fit into ongoing planning processes in your school?

Teachers TV

Teachers TV - Evaluating impact

Evidence of impact
Three members of staff at the Oasis Academy, Grimsby, show how they have risen through the ranks by focusing on their CPD development.

Watch the video.