Understanding your current situation – What works well? What are the challenges?

Understanding of current CPD activity, involvement, methods, attitudes of school workforce, pupils views

  1. Carry out analysis of current CPD activity in your setting (use Resource 1.4.a)

Current awareness levels about range and variety of opportunities

Use the questions below to review the audit you have undertaken above

  1. Are there any obvious patterns or trends in your analysis?
  2. Are there similarities and differences with others findings?
  3. Consider your own awareness of the range and variety of opportunities available
  4. What are the levels of awareness, engagement and access for different groups?
  5. What is working well that needs continuing and developing?
  6. What are the challenges?

Teachers TV

Teachers TV - Heywood Community High School

CPD for the wider workforce - Heywood Community High School
Heywood Community College in Rochdale has encouraged its entire workforce to participate in ongoing staff training and development, and shows how the policy has benefited staff and students alike.

Watch the video.