Understand the role of workforce development in schools and its importance

Definitions of CPD/workforce development

  1. Identify, collate and discuss one-sentence definitions of CPD
  2. Consider some of the standard definitions in Resource 1.1.a
  3. Describe and discuss the best and worst CPD experiences colleagues have had
  4. Analyse the key features of effective CPD using Resource 1.1.b and discuss how the nature of effective CPD might be changing.

The importance of bottom up as well as top down approaches

  1. Consider and discuss who has the responsibilities for CPD decisions currently in your setting and the effectiveness of this arrangement

Research findings on the importance of CPD

  1. Consider the summary of research evidence in Resource 1.1.b and what it suggests about effective CPD

The need to satisfy national and local priorities as well as school, area and individual needs

  1. Identify, collate and discuss the reasons why people do CPD
  2. Group the reasons you have come up with in 1 above according to national, local, school and personal reasons and give examples of CPD that occurs under each heading.
  3. Discuss what this analysis highlights and consider what it might tell you about CPD in your school.