Consider entitlements and responsibilities

CPD guarantees and entitlements

Consider the following questions in relation to your school's CPD arrangements:

  1. Are CPD arrangements well understood?
  2. Is there a fair deal for all?
  3. Are they underpinned by a policy and/or strategy?
  4. Are they effective in supporting development and improvement?
  5. Consider possible CPD guarantees and entitlements (see Resources 1.6) and how they might be applicable and useful in your setting.

The shared responsibility for CPD

  1. In relation to CPD guarantees and entitlements, consider what is required for them to be effective.
  2. Who is providing the guarantee/entitlement? Consider the role of school leadership.
  3. Whose responsibility is CPD? Consider the role that the individual plays.

Teachers TV

Teachers TV - Heywood Community High School

CPD for the wider workforce - Heywood Community High School
Heywood Community College in Rochdale has encouraged its entire workforce to participate in ongoing staff training and development, and shows how the policy has benefited staff and students alike.

Watch the video.