Consider what can be done from within the school’s resources and expertise

The use of existing workforce skills, knowledge and understanding

  1. Consider any methods currently used to identify the skills and expertise of your school’s workforce.
  2. Consider how current staff expertise is, or could be, used to develop others within the school
  3. Consider ways of organising and managing the example skills audit provided.

The use of school closure days (professional learning days)

  1. Use Resource 5.5.a to review the use of your last year’s professional learning days.
  2. Based on your responses to 5.5.a reflect on how well the purposes were achieved and how their use can be improved to maximise the effective development of the whole school workforce.
  3. Consider the role of the CPD leader in the process of planning the professional learning days.

The role of collaborative CPD

  1. Consider how formal and informal CPD networks and partnerships contribute to professional learning. Consider the benefits and challenges of CPD networks. Refer to Resources 5.5.b and 5.5.c.

Teachers TV

Teachers TV - CPD Leaders in Primary Schools

CPD Leaders in Primary Schools - Prospect Vale Primary School
Prospect Vale Primary School in Stockport uses an appraisal management system not only for teachers but for all school staff, providing support and guidance for all.

Watch the video.