More than courses – consider the whole range of methods and approaches

Audit of current methods and approaches

  1. Outline different CPD methods used by members of your school workforce
  2. In the light of this audit in 1 above, consider:
  • what criteria are used to determine the methods and approaches used in your school?
  • what are the preferred or most popular methods and approaches?
  • are there other methods and approaches that are seldom or never used?

Analysis of the benefits and drawbacks of different approaches for all members of the workforce

  1. Using the checklist in Resource 5.1.a, compare with the audit you carried out in the section above and compare this with your own list. Consider whether there are methods and approaches that you may not have considered and whether these may (or may not) be suitable and appropriate in your school.
  2. Select some scenarios in Resource 5.1.b. Identify a suitable CPD method or approach for each scenario. Consider the benefits and drawbacks of each method
  3. Complete Resource 5.1.c to express your personal CPD preferences for each method or approach and the impact it might have on your role. How might staff in your school differ in their responses to Resource 5.1.c? Try using this resource with a representative sample of your staff to obtain a range of opinions.
  4. Consider Resource 5.1.d and compare what it suggests to the opinions you have gathered about different CPD methods and approaches. Consider how Resource 5.1.d might be useful in your role as CPD Leader and more generally with colleagues in school.

Teachers TV

Teachers TV - CPD Leaders in Primary Schools

CPD Leaders in Primary Schools - Prospect Vale Primary School
Prospect Vale Primary School in Stockport uses an appraisal management system not only for teachers but for all school staff, providing support and guidance for all.

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