Raise awareness of possible opportunities and approaches across the whole school workforce

The raising of awareness about methods and approaches

  1. Consider how your wider school workforce can become more aware of the issues raised within Resources 5.2.a and/or 5.2.d. Consider how these key messages can be best shared with a) team leaders/line managers b) headteachers c) the wider workforce d) governors.

The promotion of individual responsibility for CPD

  1. If, as CPD Leader you are in possession of lots of information about the personal CPD preferences and experiences of a range of staff within school, consider how this can inform your leadership. List the implications for your role and the role you feel individual colleagues should take, eg managing preferences against school resources, bringing lesser known CPD methods to the fore.
  2. Consider these questions to review how you, as CPD Leader, manage the interface between your role and the individual colleague's responsibility:
  • What channels do you use to communicate the range of opportunities/provision available to individuals?
  • How do you currently match the range of opportunities available with personal needs and preferences of different members of staff?
  • Do you need a strategy to improve how you keep all staff informed of suitable opportunities and provision?

Teachers TV

Teachers TV - Mentoring and coaching

Mentoring and coaching
A focus on the success the staff at King Edward VI School have gained from coaching and mentoring as productive forms of in-house CPD.

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