Creating and sustaining effective learning communities

Establishing a professional learning community giving particular attention to the contribution that each of the areas identified below makes to professional learning:

  1. Classroom observation
  2. Coaching and mentoring
  3. Leadership development
  4. Brokerage of internal and external expertise (eg ASTs)
  5. Action research
  6. Formal and informal networks and partnerships within and beyond school

Development activities

  1. Consider the definition of a professional learning community in Resource 5.4.a and how it relates to your current context.
  2. Consider the role of the CPD leader in developing the climate of professional learning.  What barriers exist and how can they be overcome to sustain a professional learning community? You may wish to refer to ‘How successful are we?’
  3. Consider the contribution that the following make to the promotion of the professional learning community: pupils, governors and the wider school community. Consider one or more of the contributions listed in Resources 5.4.b to 5.4.c and their impact on professional learning.

Teachers TV

Teachers TV - Mentoring and coaching

Mentoring and Coaching
A focus on the success the staff at King Edward VI School have gained from coaching and mentoring as productive forms of in-house CPD.

Watch the video.