Career and progression pathways – meeting the needs of the individuals

The use of professional portfolios to help meet needs

  1. Review CPD Portfolios used by any staff in your school and consider the content, features, storage and potential use of portfolios
  2. Design your ideal portfolio arrangements. Refer to Resources 5.3.a
  3. Consider the following questions when reviewing the potential use of portfolios:
  • What are the challenges and benefits of introducing a portfolio system for staff?
  • Whose responsibility is keeping a CPD portfolio?
  • If portfolios are being used, is there a specific role for the CPD Leader?
  • If portfolios aren't being used, is relevant information recorded elsewhere?

Teachers TV

Teachers TV - CPD Leaders in Primary Schools

CPD Leaders in Primary Schools - Prospect Vale Primary School
Prospect Vale Primary School in Stockport uses an appraisal management system not only for teachers but for all school staff, providing support and guidance for all.

Watch the video.